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BTO Feb 2011: Bukit Panjang and Sengkang

Bukit Pajang 

Bounded by Bukit Panjang Ring Road and Segar Road, Segar Vale comprises seven 17-storey residential blocks. Choose from 690 units of 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-room Standard Flats.

The development’s residential blocks are designed along the perimeter of the site, creating a valley-like central space that gives inspiration to the name Segar Vale. This central space is the heart of the development, housing various facilities where the residents can bond and interact.

Enjoy the range of facilities within Segar Vale. With its own supermarket, shops, eating house, and a childcare centre to cater to families with young children, Segar Vale offers easy daily conveniences at your doorstep.

Recreational enjoyments for residents of all ages can be found just as easily. Children can enjoy outdoor fun at the children’s playground while adults and the elderly exercise at the fitness stations specially designed for them. Open green spaces and sitting areas provide nice spots for quiet contemplation, intimate conversations or gatherings.




Fernvale Flora is located in the western part of Sengkang, within the town’s Fernvale neighbourhood. The development is bounded by Sengkang West Way and Fernvale Road and comprises four 23- to 26-storey residential blocks, offering a total of 521 units of 2-, 3- and 4-room Standard flats.

Inspired by Fernvale’s plantation theme, the development’s landscape is designed with a variety of fern-themed elements which also give inspiration to the name Fernvale Flora.

The development features a central garden that offers you tranquil views of natural beauty amid a variety of activity spaces. Two children’s playgrounds, an adult fitness station and an elderly fitness station, offer ideal recreational spaces for all ages. Alternatively, shelters are also available for rest and relaxation. Those in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle may take to the jogging circuit located at the garden’s main thoroughfare.

Beautiful entrance gardens serve as welcoming nodes for residents. Designed with lush landscaping or cosy seating areas shaded with trellises, arriving at home will be a delight.

A roof garden atop the multi-storey carpark is designed with landscaping and trellises, providing a good spot for residents to take their evening strolls while enjoying views of the surroundings.