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BTO Apr 2011: Punggol, Sengkang, Hougang, Sembawang

BTO Launch Apr 2011





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HDB brings you four new Build-To-Order (BTO) projects – Waterway Terraces II in Punggol, Anchorvale Cove in Sengkang, Hougang Parkview in Hougang and Montreal Ville in Sembawang. Choose from 3,185 units of 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-room flats. This is the largest supply in one BTO launch since 2002.

Refreshing lifestyles choices await residents at each of these developments. Be invigorated with waterfront living, or be revitalized by the lushness of nature close by. Whichever your choice, enjoy a wide range of amenities and facilities both within the development and in its neighbourhood.

For Premium flats, take your pick from Waterway Terraces II or Anchorvale Cove, where both developments house 3-, 4- and 5-room units. For Standard flats, choose from Hougang Parkview’s 3-, 4- and 5-room units, or Montreal Ville’s 2-, 3- and 4-room units

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BTO Mar 2011: SengKang & Jurong West

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Compassvale Ancilla is bounded by Sengkang East Road, Sengkang East Avenue and Sengkang Central. The development comprises ten 15-storey residential blocks, offering 1,036 units of Studio Apartments and 3-, 4-, 5-room Premium flats.The Compassvale neighbourhood is designed with the theme of a fishing village and a series of developments are named after seashells to tie in with this theme. These include Aspella, Atrina and Tivela, all of which have been completed. Compassvale Ancilla is also named after a species of seashells called Ancillas. These beautiful shells are often made into ornaments and other decorative items. The development’s landscape is designed with organic patterns and swirls reminiscent of the form of these shells.

Compassvale Ancilla features a beautiful meandering green spine embellished with lush planting, making it a perfect place for relaxing strolls. This is interspersed with circular pockets of spaces which are ideal for small group interactions and gatherings.Commercial facilities such as shops, a supermarket and an eating house are provided within the development to give added convenience to the residents. Those who wish to exercise and keep fit may make use of the outdoor exercise spaces like the children’s playgrounds and fitness stations. With a Residents’ Committee Centre and resting shelters, residents get to choose from a variety of spaces for communal bonding. A childcare centre is also located within the development.

Compassvale Ancilla is located next to a park which will feature a variety of facilities like fitness stations and shelters for both play and rest. An arrival plaza serves as an inviting node to welcome visitors to the park. In addition to the rain gardens and butterfly gardens, outdoor classrooms and exploratory footpaths enable educational enjoyments and enriching interactions with Mother Nature.



Located along Boon Lay Drive, Boon Lay Fields comprises six 17-storey residential blocks. Choose from 491 units of 3-, 4- and 5-room Standard Flats.This development is named Boon Lay Fields to reflect the green and lush ambience of its landscape. These green landscaped spaces provide a natural environment for residents to recharge and rejuvenate.

Follow the pedestrian walkway lined with lush greenery and you will discover recreational spaces that cater to residents of all ages. Adults and the elderly can stretch their muscles at the fitness stations specially designed for them. Children will enjoy playing at the children’s playground. Jogging enthusiasts can embark on a run on the jogging path. Those who wish to gather with the neighbours for a friendly chat can do so at the resting shelters. The roof garden above the multi-storey carpark provides an ideal spot for quiet contemplation or an evening stroll.Those with young children will appreciate the convenience of having a childcare centre within the development.

BTO Feb 2011: Bukit Panjang and Sengkang

Bukit Pajang 

Bounded by Bukit Panjang Ring Road and Segar Road, Segar Vale comprises seven 17-storey residential blocks. Choose from 690 units of 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-room Standard Flats.

The development’s residential blocks are designed along the perimeter of the site, creating a valley-like central space that gives inspiration to the name Segar Vale. This central space is the heart of the development, housing various facilities where the residents can bond and interact.

Enjoy the range of facilities within Segar Vale. With its own supermarket, shops, eating house, and a childcare centre to cater to families with young children, Segar Vale offers easy daily conveniences at your doorstep.

Recreational enjoyments for residents of all ages can be found just as easily. Children can enjoy outdoor fun at the children’s playground while adults and the elderly exercise at the fitness stations specially designed for them. Open green spaces and sitting areas provide nice spots for quiet contemplation, intimate conversations or gatherings.




Fernvale Flora is located in the western part of Sengkang, within the town’s Fernvale neighbourhood. The development is bounded by Sengkang West Way and Fernvale Road and comprises four 23- to 26-storey residential blocks, offering a total of 521 units of 2-, 3- and 4-room Standard flats.

Inspired by Fernvale’s plantation theme, the development’s landscape is designed with a variety of fern-themed elements which also give inspiration to the name Fernvale Flora.

The development features a central garden that offers you tranquil views of natural beauty amid a variety of activity spaces. Two children’s playgrounds, an adult fitness station and an elderly fitness station, offer ideal recreational spaces for all ages. Alternatively, shelters are also available for rest and relaxation. Those in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle may take to the jogging circuit located at the garden’s main thoroughfare.

Beautiful entrance gardens serve as welcoming nodes for residents. Designed with lush landscaping or cosy seating areas shaded with trellises, arriving at home will be a delight.

A roof garden atop the multi-storey carpark is designed with landscaping and trellises, providing a good spot for residents to take their evening strolls while enjoying views of the surroundings.

BTO Jan 2011: Bukit Batok & Yishun

HDB InfoWEB: Sales Launches – HDB Flats : Buying A New Flat.



Located along Bukit Batok Street 21, Golden Daisy is a 20-storey residential block comprising 180 units of Studio Apartments.Golden Daisy is named after the brightly coloured flowers to give the development a cheerful and refreshing appeal. The building façade also has a series of rhythmic bands in hues of yellow and orange to echo the colours of the flowers.



The development features a beautiful landscape deck at the second storey which serves as an urban sanctuary for residents. Here, you can choose to exercise at the elderly fitness station or relax at the seats, all while enjoying the surrounding greenery. This deck also offers a seamless connection to an existing children’s playground and elderly fitness station located next to the development. A precinct pavilion at the first storey serves as an ideal destination for larger gatherings.

The development has specially designed features to let residents feel comfortable and secure. Suitably located support grab bars at common areas and ramps assist residents in moving around the place with ease.



Located along Yishun Avenue 11, Orchid Spring@Yishun comprises eight 13-storey residential blocks. Choose from 948 units of 2-, 3- and 4-room Standard flats.Sited near Lower Seletar Reservoir, this development is named Orchid Spring @ Yishun to reflect its close proximity to nature spots and lush, spring-themed landscape. Orchid motifs adorn signages within the development.

Orchid Spring @ Yishun contains a range of recreational facilities that caters to all ages. Kids will delight in playing at the children’s playground while adults and the elderly enjoy a good workout at the fitness stations designed for them. Rejuvenate with a jog along the jogging trail which is framed by trees and landscaping. With so much in store, look forward to fun-filled moments at your doorstep.

Parents with young children will also appreciate a child care centre located right within the development.




Located along Yishun Avenue 1, Vista Spring @ Yishun comprises eight 13-storey residential blocks. Choose from 600* units of 4- and 5-room Standard flats. This development is named Vista Spring @ Yishun to reflect its lush, spring-themed landscape and close proximity to Lower Seletar Reservoir. To complement the spring theme, part of the façade is adorned with soft, yellow tones to conjure the energetic, joyous mood of spring. Verdant landscaping and architectural markers which resemble pavilions further contribute to the warm and inviting environment.

*This development includes 96 units of 3-room flats which are reserved for future sale. These 3-room flats will not be offered for sale at this launch.

Embracing an active lifestyle is easy with the spread of recreational facilities within Vista Spring @ Yishun. Children can enjoy outdoor fun at the playground while adults and the elderly work out at fitness stations specially designed for them. Pockets of green spaces and sitting areas within the development provide nice spots for gatherings and chats.

Enjoy daily convenience at your doorstep. Pick up your day-to-day necessities at the minimart and shops, or enjoy a meal at the eating house. A Residents’ Committee Centre that serves to foster neighbourly ties and caters to the needs of residents is also located here.


BTO Dec 2010: Punggol Topaz

HDB InfoWEB: Sales Launches – HDB Flats : Buying A New Flat.

Bounded by Punggol Way and Punggol Field, Punggol Topaz puts you close to the conveniences of Punggol MRT/LRT station and the upcoming Town Centre. Nature lovers will enjoy having a charming natural environment nearby with the newly completed Punggol Reservoir. The upcoming Punggol Promenade lining the town’s coastal edge will also provide a scenic route for you to jog, cycle, or simply stroll and unwind, right by the waterside.

Following Punggol Emerald and Punggol Sapphire, Punggol Topaz is the latest in the series of developments named after gems. The residential blocks of Punggol Topaz feature crisp vertical lines that resonate with the elegant Topaz gems, thereby giving inspiration to the development’s name. To reflect the development’s proximity to Punggol Reservoir, the design of Punggol Topaz also carries a water theme. This is seen in the façade’s colours, waterbird motifs as well as the landscape’s concentric circular forms that mimic water ripples.

Comprising 12 blocks of 17-storey high residential blocks, Punggol Topaz offers 1,010 units of 3-, 4- and 5-room Standard Flats.

Within the development, there is a wide array of facilities like a supermarket, an eating house and shops, as well as a childcare centre and a Residents’ Committee Centre. All these are for you to enjoy, right at the comforts of your doorstep.

At the heart of Punggol Topaz lies a common green that boasts a kaleidoscope of outdoor recreational facilities catering to both the young and old. These include an adventure playground, a hardcourt, adult and elderly fitness stations, as well as a jogging track looping around it. The common green also features vibrant communal spaces like a community garden, a stage for community activities and resting shelters perfect for bonding with family and friends.

Beautifully landscaped green pockets found throughout the development allow residents from every block to be closer to nature. These green pockets are well equipped with shelters, playgrounds and fitness stations, providing residents with easy access to a variety of activity zones set in comfortable green surroundings.

In line with HDB’s plans to develop Punggol as an Eco-Town, Punggol Topaz is designed for Green Mark Certification, with eco-friendly features. The block and unit layouts are oriented to minimize heat gain from the western sun. It is designed with ecologically friendly features such as dry ponds and rain gardens to maintain the quality of surface runoff from rainwater prior to discharge into the drainage system.